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Health clubs are for the body. Yet, wellness starts with the mind. And moves outward. To your child, to your home, to your community.  Head First is a reimagined experience offering whole family wellness from a mind-body perspective. In a world focused exclusively on the body, we are, first and foremost, a health club for the headComing 3.1.2020.

Unleashing the Python in Parenthood

As seen in Psychology Today I am not having enough sex. Or good enough sex. It is not frequent enough, hard enough, interesting enough. Many parents feel this way. I kinda hate my spouse (at times), and life is boring, at least compared to my friends on Instagram. Is this all there is? All my […]

Tushy Talk

A podcast that covers the wonders of integrative medicine and the perils of extra weight in embarrassing places. The more playful sides of the family dynamic are discussed in entertaining detail. If you are feeling left out, Dads, this one is for you.  

Our Premiere Podcast

The freewheeling minds of Head First along with Dr. Erin Erickson of Mom Enough Podcast and Amy Zonke of PyMethod chime in on why the new health club works from the neck up, not down. We have nothing against spandex or shinny machines. But there will always be bicycles for your body. Head First is […]

What to do if your kid is anxious about starting school again

As parents, we’re all driven to do our best, but sometimes we need to just embrace the messy moments that inevitably come up.      It is 8:25 a.m. on a Wednesday morning in July. I leisurely stroke Cam’s tan face and hair that feels thick with leftover sunblock. “Time to get up, sweetie. You […]